'The Head and the Heart' - or - 'If rule 63'ing everything is wrong I don't wanna be right'

It occurred to me that Lady Bones would totally have a mom haircut (i.e. not much different from the canon cut) and now I can’t imagine her any other way.


There are few things more glorious than a friend’s sketchbook.


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Howl & Sophie ♥I always feel a need to disclaim that i have a difficult time keeping the book & movie straight. Except my fave: Sophie throwing a bucket of weed killer at him. That’s definitely the book :3

"You will address me as ‘Sir’"

Sometimes I just have a lot of thoughts about mirror!verse Uhura. Happy thoughts.


So one time my sister and I made a birthday cake for janey-jane…..

This was the best day of my life…

I made these kindof as a joke (and a challenge to see if I could pattern slip-on shorts with a flat front - no drawstring or fastening) … and then I ended up actually sort of liking them. heh.

bring it summer… I’m ready for you.

This is stashbusting project #2. #1 needs better photographs before posting.

I’ve been kind of nervous to mention anything about it & run the risk of jinxing it…. but I’m buying a HOUSE.

Woah right?! Spending that much money on something is a completely surreal experience. Like - if I spend $20 its kinda like - “that was many dollars”. And $100 is like “damn son, that is a lot of dollars!” - but financially obligating yourself for tens or hundreds of thousands is like “pffff… i’m pretty sure only monopoly money goes to that many dollars. this is silly.”


You can ask about it, but nobody knows the way. (x)

For janey-jane who I get to see this weekend!

"You get what you take from it so be amazed!"


Janey’s bad habit #643: hoarding fabric that never, ever gets used.

SO - one of my 2014 resolutions is a mega stashbusting effort. NO NEW FABRIC UNTIL LIKE…50% OF WHAT I HAVE IS USED. Step 1 was getting the sewing room in order, cause it was a disaster. What is it about before & after shots that is so viscerally satisfying?

The last shot is to remind myself why it’s a travesty when I don’t sew for awhile - I have a pretty sweet sewing machine set up (and because I really like that piece of my friends art :3)


Yo party people, how’s it?

Sooo, aside from occasional lurking sessions I’ve pretty much been AWOL from the internet since, um, November? So okay first there was pre-holidays and then there was holidays and then there was post-holidays and things kinda got away from me and keeping up with everything became kinda overwhelming (DUDE, adulthood is exhausting y’all). I’ve been operating at approximately negative 5 billion on the creative production scale and rather than the internet inspiring me as it usually does - seeing all the awesome, creative things people were doing became stressful. I started feeling more and more like the hole I was in was in was inescapable.

That thing happened then - that thing where, on top of being stressful, it started to get embarrassing to check in because I knew I didn’t have it in me to respond to messages and requests. Add to that the lack of anything to show for my radio silence and - BAM! -  one vicious cycle of guilt-ridden avoidance. Very healthy. Very mature.

ANYWAY, the point is - I’m pretty sure there’s a point in here somewhere - I’m trying to get back on the wagon. So please be patient while I try to sort through my backlog of messages and notes AND while I learn to be kinder and more patient with myself. I’ve started making things again, so there’s progress!

PS We should probably ALL work on being kinder and more patient with ourselves right? People are amazing.


Okay so Victorian AUs are pretty rad, but what about a Regency AU? Right? The clothes are so much more fun!

Those are carriage clocks, period microscopes, a Galileo thermometer, and  a printing press - I figure without radio, publishing one of the (highly editorial) papers of the time would make sense.

Also I’m not going to worry about the exact historical accuracy of Cecil’s attire because he wears furry pants in canon so…yeah. His is a slightly earlier and more elaborate style than what Carlos is wearing since everyone likes to dress him a little “retro.”

There’s this thing where Jessica sometimes asks me for info on historic costume and then when she posts the things i (irrationally) feel extra chuffed and proud like I somehow had a hand in it. Also - I fucking love AUs. LOVE THEM. AMAZING.



every blonde needs a brunette bff (and vice versa :3 )

also - FRECKLES!!!


Elizabeth Woodville is a scheming vixen, but damn if she isn’t stylish.

This was a piece commissioned by the talented historical novelist Susan Higginbotham.

I adore Joanne’s interpretations of historic women and her awesome attention to detail as regards historic costume & adornment♥


It’s been said that Coke and Pepsi divide the world between them; there is no third. And by Coke I mean Shakespeare and by Pepsi I mean Dante.

Though to tell the truth I prefer Dr. Pepper. And by Dr. Pepper I mean Dr. Pepper.

IMO dipthatpen is a must-follow for any Shakespeare lover.